EU-PLF featured in September issue of Science & Technology 8 (Pan European Networks)

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Pekka Pesonen, Copa-Cogeca General Sectretary

EU-PLF Value Creation Group meets Copa-Cogeca General Secretary

Thanks to high-level advisory board member Noël Devisch, the Value Creation Group of EU-PLF was recently able to hold a meeting with Pekka Pesonen, General Secretary of Copa-Cogeca. During the meeting, Mr Pesonen expressed strong interest in Smart or Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) and EU-PLF’s farm and animal-centric approach. While productivity gains and profitability of […]

SMEDRIVE is in a traffic jam

EU-PLF is proud to report that the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Drive, as WP5 “Innovation through High-Tech SMEs” is informally known, has received an overwhelming number of applications during its Innovation Day events. The aim of Innovation Days is to recruit, select and motivate suitable candidate entrepreneurs to start a business in PLF, using […]

PLF equipment installed in pig and poultry farms for further testing

PLF equipment installed in pig and poultry farms for further testing

In total, Fancom and SoundTalks installed PLF equipment in 16 farms around Europe. On each farm, four microphones and four cameras are used as sensors, and all systems have an online connection to a central database. The project includes five broiler farms, ten fattening pig farms, and one calf farm. The first installation was performed […]

Leuven SmartFarming Innovation Day

The growth prospects for the global livestock industry are excellent: demand for meat will continue to grow at an astounding pace for at least the next 3-4 decades. More meat production, larger groups of animals, concerns about animal welfare, the environment and health however will require more and more technology in this process to make […]

EU-PLF to co-sponsor EC-PLF conference

The first results from EU-PLF will be presented during the EC-PLF conference that will take place in Leuven, Belgium The conference will also include presentations of results from EU-BioBusiness Project. You may register now at

Barcelona Smart Farming Innovation Day

Barcelona Smart Farming Innovation Day

The Barcelona SmartFarming innovation day on March 7th, 2013 was the first of such roadshow events the SME Drive has organized and as such was also a test of our outreach strategy. The event was organized as follows: Introduction to SmartFarming EU-PLF project presentation SmartFarming technology examples Detailed presentation of the coaching process Next step: […]

Workshop on socio-economic issues

Workshop on socio-economic issues

Last February, EU-PLF organised a workshop on socio-economic issues in the Benelux area in the frame of WP4 “Value creation”, task 4.1. Different stakeholders from The Netherlands and Belgium were invited, and covered some important players in the food chain, such as premix/concentrate producers, feed producers, farmers (pig, poultry and cattle) and slaughterhouses. The workshop took place […]

EU-PLF Innovation days

EU-PLF Innovation days are organised by the EU-PLF working group on SME Drive. The aim is to motivate and select suitable candidate entrepreneurs to start a business in PLF, using our methodology. The selected candidate will get support in developing PLF products, as described in Working Package 5. Three EU-PLF Innovations days have been organised February 2013 […]

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