Creation of two new tech companies.

Individual coaching of about 20 teams, active in the field of precision livestock farming (PLF) resulted, thus far, in the creation of two new technology companies: Ymaging in Barcelona (Spain); and Bainisha in Lokeren (Belgium).

Motion capturing sensor

Motion capturing sensor

Ymaging has developed a pig weight system that accurately measures the weight of an individual pig using a hand-held device. It can be used in the field to collect valuable growth data on pigs.

Bainisha developed a flexible motion-capturing sensor that can be used to monitor behaviour, motion, and activity with a high precision and high bandwidth. It has a good potential to be used for monitoring locomotion in farm animals.

Both companies are technology leaders in their fields and are expanding and hiring engineers and sales people. Ymaging currently employs 15 people and is rapidly conquering the Spanish market with their new product. Bainisha has received several international awards for its ground-breaking technology.

Take a look at the two companies more in-depth: and

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