EC-PLF 2015 is a hit!

Over two-hundred twenty researchers from 23 countries participated in the EU-PLF co-organised 7th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming (EC-PLF 2015) which took place in Milano, Italy on 15-18 September 2015.


Packed audience listen attentively to the presentations.

Scientists from the animal science and animal production realms as well as those from the sensor industry came together to share views and to discuss the latest developments in Precision Livestock Farming (PLF). Ninety-four papers were presented during 18 sessions devoted to cattle, broilers, pigs and sheep. Topics included the use of PLF for animal welfare; performance indicators as milk yield; assistance in milking; location, health, behaviour, and feed intake monitoring; estimation of body weight and condition as well as monitoring the climate conditions in the building and environmental impact of livestock production. The sessions also included presentations on the integration of Precision Livestock Farming technologies in farm management systems.
The EU-PLF project contributed 12 presentations. The capacity of a real time location system (CowView) to estimate time, budget and movements of dairy cows in real farm conditions was validated and its potential to provide useful information and warning to the farmer regarding the occurrence of oestrus as well as welfare and health problems was established. Sound technologies were proved to be efficient to detect respiratory disorders in pigs a few days ahead of the farmer (Pig Cough Monitor). The top-view camera system eYenamic has been shown to be effective in monitoring the distribution and activity of broilers in real farm conditions and to provide valuable information to the farmer regarding unscheduled events occurring in the barn or animal welfare and health indicators. The first stages of the development of an integrative practical visualisation tool for farmers and other stakeholders were also presented.


Cover of the proceedings from EC-PLF 2015 conference.

The results of the conference are available in the book of proceedings, titled Precision Livestock Farming ’15, edited by Marcella Guarino and Daniel Berckmans. It can be purchased at cost of 60EUR + cost of shipping by writing Marcella Guarino:

The next EC-PLF conference will be held in Saint Malo, France, in 2017.

For pictures from the EC-PLF 2015, visit here:

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