EU-PLF farmers get on-line access to their system data

After the successful installations of the Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) systems in ten pig farms and five poultry farms, EU-PLF partners, Fancom and Soundtalks, are developing a web-based real time data visualisation tool that will help farmers make management decisions on the spot.

Picture Pig farm EUPLFWith this web-based tool, farmers have on-line access to the data of the PLF systems in their farms. “If we can see and hear changes in the behaviour of our animals, the systems should be able to do so also” said one of the poultry farmers participating in the project.

The data are presented in comprehensive graphical overviews, containing information on production results (feed intake, water consumption, growth, mortality), environmental data (temperature, humidity) and animal data (activity, distribution and coughing) providing insight on their health and welfare.

In the graphs, the daily average course of all variables are presented clearly and farmers can see when unexpected changes occur. This information will assist them in the daily management of their animals.

In the next step, automatic alerts will be added so that farmers will see immediately when something is wrong versus having to do the analysis themselves.
The example below (Fig. 1) shows an overview of production data (number of animals in the pen and daily feed consumption) and animal activity data (daily average activity, percentage of resting, percentage of high activity) in one of the pig farms. The relation between a lower feed consumption and a higher resting percentage is obvious in the marked period, which was a sign of a digestive health problem with the pigs. Such knowledge with quick response from farmers could decrease further production losses.


Fig. 1

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