EU-PLF final conference



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Programme and Presenter Bios

Prof Daniel Berckmans – KU Leuven

Video: Smart Farming for Europe

Results and experiences from broiler farms + Q&A
Prof Erik Vranken – Fancom B.V

Results and experiences from pig farms + Q&A
Dr Dries Berckmans – SoundTalks N.V

Results and experiences from dairy farms + Q&A
Dr Isabelle Veissier – INRA

Economic feasibility of PLF + Q&A
Prof Henk Hogeveen – Wageningen University

Testimonies of high tech start-ups in Precision Livestock Farming

Farmers’ engagement in using PLF technology – Report of the EU-PLF farm visits
Prof Jörg Hartung

Can PLF create value for European farmers?
Dr Heiner Lehr – Syntesa

Farmers’ vision for the future

Animal Task Force’s vision on Precision Livestock Farming
Dr Jean-Louis Peyraud – ATF

Interactive e-learning session and blueprint
Dr Michel Bonneau – EAAP

Panel discussion
Dr Heiner Lehr – Syntesa

Closing of Conference
Prof Daniel Berckmans – KU Leuven

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