EU-PLF Innovation days

EU-PLF Innovation days are organised by the EU-PLF working group on SME Drive.

The aim is to motivate and select suitable candidate entrepreneurs to start a business in PLF, using our methodology. The selected candidate will get support in developing PLF products, as described in Working Package 5.

Three EU-PLF Innovations days have been organised

  • February 2013 in Barcelona
  • 29 May at the University of Wageningen, with Professor Kees Lokhorst.
  • 11 June at the University of Milan, with Professor Marcella Guarino.

A fourth innovation day will be organised on 12 September 2013 in Leuven: read more.

From the participants in the Barcelona innovation day, two start-up teams were selected for Business Start-up Coaching. More teams will be selected later on from the participants in the Wageningen and Milan innovations days.

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