GLOBALG.A.P. technical livestock committee shows interest in PLF

EU-PLF participant, Heiner Lehr,  was invited by GLOBALG.A.P., a non-governmental organization that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe, to present smart farming in pigs and poultry.

Heiner was accompanied by Simon Lague, business development director of EU-PLF partner FANCOM. Results from both EU-PLF and ALL-SMART-PIGS (sister project of EU-PLF) were presented to members of the technical livestock committee from Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. Discussions centred around value creation in the feed-animal-food chain, but also how to market PLF to consumers via retailers like McDonald’s. The concept of “putting a number to sustainability” promoted by FANCOM was considered an interesting step into that direction. Syntesa, as leader of the Value Creation Group in EU-PLF, will continue to develop the concept in the context of supply-chain value creation.

Heiner Lehr (far right) presents to GLOBALG.A.P. technical livestock committee .

Heiner Lehr (far right) presents to GLOBALG.A.P. technical livestock committee .

The branding of PLF as SmartFarming, iFarming or Precision Livestock Farming was also discussed at some lengths. A need to unify marketing efforts in the field became apparent – an issue that was discussed at some length in a recent meeting of the Value Creation Group in Panningen (Netherlands).

GLOBALG.A.P livestock manager Dr Roland Aumüller thanked the Fancom/Syntesa team for providing deeper insights into a subject that Prof Daniel Berckmans (EU-PLF project coordinator) had introduced to the group in an earlier meeting. 

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