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10 December 2016
Call for Papers on Engineering Advances in Precision Livestock Farming - Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is based on the philosophy that fully automated continuous monitoring of animals enables farmers to monitor the health and welfare status of their animals continuously and automatically.

20 May 2016
EU-PLF featured on Euronews! - The EU-PLF project was chosen by Euronews to be featured in an article and to create a video on the research being conducted in the project and their implications.

10 May 2016
Registration for final EU-PLF conference now open! - The final conference of the EU-PLF project will be held in Brussels, Belgium on the 29th September 2016, Résidence Palace – 155, rue de la Loi.

22 April 2016
Practical visualisation tool for farmers and other stakeholders - Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) offers a range of technologies to continuously monitor farm animals and their immediate environment. These technologies have the potential to help farmers make decisions that will result in increased profitability, animal welfare and reduced impact on the planet.

5 April 2016
Welfare of broilers monitored through camera-based technology - Recent findings from work conducted within the EU-PLF project suggest that the incidence of foot pad dermatitis and hock burns could be predicted from data collected by Precision Livestock Farming tools.

12 February 2016
CowView to detect early signs of oestrus in dairy cows - The CowView system, commercialised by GEA Farm Technologies, monitors the location of the cow in the barn through a dedicated positioning system. In addition to locating the cow, the system can also derive data on the time budget of the animal such as time spent on moving, walking, and in the various activity zones of […]

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