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22 December 2015
Ymaging hits the market with a new PigWei system - Ymaging received funding and support from the EU project EU-PLF to develop a prototype pig weight measurement system (PigWei).

22 December 2015
Creation of two new tech companies. - Individual coaching of about 20 teams, active in the field of precision livestock farming (PLF) resulted, thus far, in the creation of two new technology companies

14 December 2015
Farmers agree on the benefits of Precision Livestock Farming - “Precision Livestock Farming cannot and will not replace the farmer, but it surely helps him, making his work more efficient and more rewarding”. This statement was a common motif throughout the workshop organised by the EU-PLF project in Milan in September.

19 November 2015
EU-PLF shares results in China - Professor Daniel Berckmans, co-ordinator of the EU-PLF projects presented results obtained in the EU-PLF project at the International Symposium on Animal Environment and Welfare that took place in Chongqing, China, from 23-26 October 2015

20 October 2015
EC-PLF 2015 is a hit! - Over two-hundred twenty researchers from 23 countries participated in the EU-PLF co-organised 7th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming (EC-PLF 2015) which took place in Milano, Italy on 15-18 September 2015.

16 June 2015
New video for the project and PLF! - Take a look at our new video for the project! The video is being projected in the “content centre” of the EU pavilion during the 2015 EXPO in Milan. Get a sneak preview and the come and see it at the EU pavilion at the EXPO!

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