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2 December 2014
Directive 2007/43/EC: potential role of automated chicken monitoring - A pilot study undertaken within EU-PLF project describes how automated on-farm measurements of climate, feed intake, animal growth and camera and sound based precision livestock (PLF) farming methods (eYeNamic) can be used to evaluate health and welfare parameters of chickens that are required to comply with Council Directive 2007/43/EC.

13 November 2014
Large-scale instalment of PLF technologies: problems and solutions - PLF technologies have been implemented on a large scale in commercial farms within the EU-PLF and All-Smart-Pigs projects. The difficulties associated with installations, use and maintenance of these technologies on the farms were well documented as well as the solutions developed to overcome these challenges.

28 October 2014
EU-PLF meets its farmers - On 26 of August, the partners of the EU-PLF project met with ten farmers who are currently using PLF technology on their farms.

10 September 2014
Economic model for assessing the value added by PLF - EU-PLF’s Value Creation group has created a first draft of an economic model that aims to evaluate the value added by PLF technologies.

18 August 2014
INRA now ready to study cow behaviour using a real time positioning system - The first installation and test of the real time positioning system, CowView, was completed in May 2014 at the INRA research farm of Theix, France. The system is able to supply ‘24-7-365’ surveillance and recording of cow indoor whereabouts and will be used in animal welfare studies under the EU-PLF project running until end of 2016

11 July 2014
Cough algorithm developed to give early warning of sickness in calves - EU-PLF participant, Joris Vandermeulen of KU Leuven, developed and tested a calf cough detection algorithm to identify early signs of calf pneumonia from sounds recorded by SoundTalks equipment.

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