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2 July 2014
EU-PLF farmers get on-line access to their system data - After the successful installations of the Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) systems in ten pig farms and five poultry farms, EU-PLF partners, Fancom and Soundtalks, are developing a web-based real time data visualisation tool that will help farmers make management decisions on the spot.

10 June 2014
Smart AgriMatics 2014 - Kees Lokhorst, EU-PLF WP4 participant, will chair Session 1.3 entitled Smart Livestock Farming in the Smart AgriMatics 2014 International Conference. This year’s conference theme is: The future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business. A group that is participating in the EU-PLF’s SME contest through its WP5 will also present in Session 1.3 […]

29 May 2014
PLF sessions during the 65th annual meeting of the EAAP - EU-PLF and the EAAP scientific committee will co-organise a full day of sessions during the 65th annual meeting of the EAAP.

13 May 2014
iFarming seminar session at VIV Europe - EU-PLF partner, Fancom, will lead the seminar session on iFarming during the VIV Europe in Utrecht, The Netherlands on 21 May 2014. Fancom believes that as the demand for meat increases by more than 40% in the next 40 years, intensification is the only viable option. Satisfying the demand of over 9 billion people will […]

28 April 2014
EU-PLF partners gather to share results and to brainstorm - Seventeen months into the EU FP7 project, all EU-PLF partners met on 2-3 April in Unna, Germany to share on the progress and results. Particular emphasis was also given to the Value Creation and SME Drive groups.

14 April 2014
GLOBALG.A.P. technical livestock committee shows interest in PLF - EU-PLF participant, Heiner Lehr,  was invited by GLOBALG.A.P., a non-governmental organization that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe, to present smart farming in pigs and poultry. Heiner was accompanied by Simon Lague, business development director of EU-PLF partner FANCOM. Results from both EU-PLF and ALL-SMART-PIGS (sister project of EU-PLF) were […]

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