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25 February 2014
Call for abstracts for EU-PLF conference in Copenhagen - The next EU-PLF conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 25th August 2014, within the 65th annual meeting of the EAAP. Deadline for submitting abstracts to the session on Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is 1st March 2014.

25 February 2014
PLF equipment installed and operational on commercial farms - EU-PLF partners Fancom and SoundTalks successfully installed vision and sound recording equipment in a total of 15 pig and poultry commercial farms and a cough monitor in an experimental calf farm.

13 February 2014
Value Creation: First version of socio-economic model discussed in Panningen - EU-PLF’s Value Creation Group recently came together in Panningen (NL) to discuss the initial socio-economic model for value creation on farms. 

3 February 2014
SME over drive: Full throttle ahead - EU-PLF project’s Work Package (WP) 5, Innovation through High-Tech SMEs, short-named The SME Drive, is proud to report that we have outperformed ourselves. Our target of 10 groups to coach and train in the blueprint with the aim to start a Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) business, has long been reached. Currently the SME Drive is […]

27 January 2014
Precision Livestock Farming for young students - Heiner Lehr (Syntesa) recently gave a webinar on Smart Pig Farming for school children aged 14-16 years as part of CommNet, a European project to promote the dissemination of results of EU research. 

13 January 2014
Pig cough monitor, applied to calf breeding - The cough monitor developed by SoundTalks is currently being adapted to the continuous monitoring of calves’ health within an experiment conducted at Teagasc in Ireland . 

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