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20 December 2016
EU-PLF eNewsletter November 2016 - In This Issue Project coordinator, Daniel Berckmans provides some general considerations about the EU-PLF project New ‘Smart Animal Vote YES!’ project video Update on the EU-PLF final conference CowView and detection of oestrus in dairy cows EU-PLF featured in Euronews Welfare of broilers monitored through camera-based technology Visualisation tool for farmers and other stakeholders Take […]

4 January 2016
EU-PLF e-Newsletter December 2015 - In This Issue Project coordinator, Daniel Berckmans gives recount of what the project has accomplished in 2015 and also some hints as to what to expect in 2016. EC-PLF conference in Milan Farmers’ discussion on the benefits of PLF Description of two tech companies that started with the help of the EU-PLF project Focus on Ymaging […]

19 June 2015
EU-PLF e-Newsletter June 2015 - In This Issue New video on the project. Take a look! Precision Livestock Farming Applications book Summary of five project research highlighted in the book Directive 2007/43/EC: potential role of automated chicken monitoring ASRD: identifying behaviourally specific vocalisations of young broiler chicks? Cough algorithm developed to give early warning of sickness in calves Pig cough […]

22 December 2014
EU-PLF e-Newsletter December 2014 - In This Issue Save the date! EC-PLF2015 Advanced Course on PLF Visualisation tool training for poultry and pigs farms Economic model for assessing the value added by PLF EU-PLF meets its farmers Download newsletter here [pdf]

27 February 2014
EU-PLF e-Newsletter February 2014 - Download and read the newsletter.

31 August 2013
EU-PLF E-Newsletter August 2013 - In This Issue: Foreword • Who we are • What we will do • What we have achieved

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