EU-PLF eNewsletter November 2016

In This Issue Project coordinator, Daniel Berckmans provides some general considerations about the EU-PLF project New ‘Smart Animal Vote YES!’ project video Update on the EU-PLF final conference CowView and detection of oestrus in dairy cows EU-PLF featured in Euronews Welfare of broilers monitored through camera-based technology Visualisation tool for farmers and other stakeholders Take […]

EU-PLF e-Newsletter December 2015

In This Issue Project coordinator, Daniel Berckmans gives recount of what the project has accomplished in 2015 and also some hints as to what to expect in 2016. EC-PLF conference in Milan Farmers’ discussion on the benefits of PLF Description of two tech companies that started with the help of the EU-PLF project Focus on Ymaging […]

EU-PLF e-Newsletter June 2015

In This Issue New video on the project. Take a look! Precision Livestock Farming Applications book Summary of five project research highlighted in the book Directive 2007/43/EC: potential role of automated chicken monitoring ASRD: identifying behaviourally specific vocalisations of young broiler chicks? Cough algorithm developed to give early warning of sickness in calves Pig cough […]

EU-PLF e-Newsletter December 2014

In This Issue Save the date! EC-PLF2015 Advanced Course on PLF Visualisation tool training for poultry and pigs farms Economic model for assessing the value added by PLF EU-PLF meets its farmers Download newsletter here [pdf]

EU-PLF e-Newsletter February 2014

Download and read the newsletter.

EU-PLF E-Newsletter August 2013

In This Issue: Foreword • Who we are • What we will do • What we have achieved

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