Other relevant projects


smartpigs-color All Smart Pigs is a project that will demonstrate the viability of smart farming technologies in European pig farming. The project will use a process of open innovation through a LivingLab to co-create smart farming applications ready for commercialisation on European pig farms.
eco-fce Eco-FCE, through a better understanding of the interactions between animal genetics, gut characteristics and the attributes of feed, will propose strategies to improve feed use efficiency (FCE) in pigs and broiler chickens whilst also reducing their ecological footprint. Read their latest newsletter!
impro_logo_final The IMPRO project integrates a number of methodological approaches to characterise and improve the health status of dairy cows. IMPRO is working towards diagnostic tools to address the complexity of farm systems which can lead to appropriate management and treatment strategies.
MUSE-Tech_Logo_Colour The MUSE-Tech project will bridge the gap between state of the art sensing technologies and industrial Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications for the Food Industry.
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