PLF sessions during the 65th annual meeting of the EAAP

EU-PLF and the EAAP scientific committee will co-organise a full day of sessions during the 65th annual meeting of the EAAP in Copenhagen, Denmark focusing on Precision Livestock Farming (PLF).

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More than 50 abstracts were submitted to the session entitled: “Making sense of sensors to support farm management”. Initially, a half-day session was planned, but due to the great volume of high-level abstracts, it has been extended to a full day symposium to be held on Monday, 25th August. There will be four session in total: one full session in the morning and three parallel sessions in the afternoon.

Each PLF research subject, which includes 4-5 presentations, will be followed by a moderated panel discussion. We expect multidisciplinary approaches from both the EAAP scientists and the PLF-technology oriented scientists that may lead to fruitful discussions and potentially to initiate new research fields and new research programs. The sessions will take place in the main EAAP meeting venue, the Tivoli Congress Center. The programme of the sessions is available here.

The EU-PLF project will continue with workshops and other internal meetings on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th. Participation is on an invitation only basis.

For the 26th, farmers involved in the EU-PLF project have been invited to share their experiences and will be encouraged to express their views on PLF equipment installed in their farms. The project scientific consortium will present the first results of the data recorded on the farms and will inform the farmers about the status of the project. Other internal meetings of the EU-PLF project will take on the 27th of August.

The meetings on the 26th and 27th will take place at the nearby IDA Moede Center, a 5 minutes walking distance from the Tivoli Congress Center.

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