WP6 (leaders Daniel Berckmans and Vasileios Exadaktylos)

wp6Work Package 6 is the backbone of the project. A generic procedure describing the context and conditions for successful development and usage of the PLF technology will be prepared in form of a blueprint. The intention is that the blueprint will help people in the future to develop Precision Livestock Farming concepts into operational tools. The blueprint is the most important deliverable of the EU-PLF project.

6.1 Define format and protocol of the blueprint

As a first step, a format for the blueprint will be defined and decisions will be taken on how to build up the structure of the blueprint. Representatives of the stakeholders (mainly stockpersons and related industry) will be asked for their opinion about the format and the structure. A protocol will then be developed which will define how and in which form the required information for the blueprint should be collected from the Work Packages and different project partners.

6.2 Collect all contributions to the blueprint

Each Work Package contributes to the blueprint and each project partner provides the right expertise to collect all needed information to come up with a detailed working method and the description on how to realise the implementation of PLF in farms.

6.3 Design and write the blueprint

The blueprint shall describe a generic approach but explicit examples will be given to apply the generic approach in all possible PLF supported production systems. The blueprint must be understandable for everybody who wants to use it. This means a common language in terms of terminology must be found that can be understood by scientists as well as stockpersons, technology driven people and other stakeholders throughout the value chain. The blueprint will be written in English but it will be considered to translate the blueprint into a number of languages (e.g. Dutch, French, German, Swedish, and Italian) to facilitate dissemination to the most important target group: the stockpersons. A first draft will be revised by all project partners and selected external reviewers, representing stakeholders from the value chain. A preliminary blueprint version will then be made available for validation and further improvement.

6.4 Validate, improve and finalise the blueprint

The preliminary version will be validated by applying it to practical and specific cases. To demonstrate and test the generic approach, the blueprint shall be tested by the five selected teams that have built a prototype in Work Package 5. They will use the preliminary version of the blueprint to transfer their developed prototype into an implementable system, make it operational on farm and prove that value is created at least on farm level. Based on experience made during this validation period the concept and content of the blueprint will be evaluated and if needed improved and extended. At the end of the project a final version of the blueprint will be delivered, containing all necessary information and steps to realise an animal and farm centric approach for innovative livestock farming.


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